COM502 Blog Post 2 7.4.17

Today we did a shape shifting activity and then we did a balloon blowing one. The shape shifting one worked well because we all communicated together as a team, though it was difficult because the person that was reconstructing it was blindfolded. We managed to kind of get it back to what is was before. It was an amusing activity to do because we had to help our team mate rearrange it by telling him where where to put the rope in order to replicate it. In my opinion we could’ve done a better job at communicating, I feel then we would’ve had a better chance at getting it. After that we did another activity where we had help a teammate to tie a balloon, all the while timing it so we could see which team finished first. One person had to hold it while the other one blew and someone else timed it. This worked well up until our balloon was let go and all the air came out so we started laughing. I think our approach worked well until the balloon was let go so all the air went out. With the bamboo stick activity I struggled to hold my right hand straight due to my weaker right side. I feel like this hampered my team’s success with this activity,, but it’s outside my control. But I tried my hardest to keep it straight so we could get it. Because I couldn’t really hold my hand straight, I would let go by accident and we’d have to start again. Even so, I enjoyed it nonetheless, because I don’t let that shortcoming (my right side) gert me down.

Observation of Body Language 8.3.17

My brother Leo trudged into the kitchen to make breakfast, he was tired. We were talking and he starts to get annoyed by the subject, I could tell this by the way he was sitting up straighter in his chair and starting to lean backwards slightly, frowning a little. He was making his spoon squeak against his cereal bowl and rolling his eyes to get me to shut up.  He slides into the living room begins talking to mum about eating bananas. I can hear from the tone of his voice that he is is now annoyed. He crosses his arms and makes a final statement. I decide to move on to my next subject. Leo’s body is visibly more relaxed when he realises he doesn’t have to be a subject of my observation. Dad joins us at the breakfast table, he’s intrigued by our conversation, leaning in and wanting to join in. Dad quickly moved onto drinking his coffee and reading the paper. There was no more body language to observe.

Body language for me is tricky because being vision impaired I struggle to see it. Even so this has been an interesting exercise to do because it has made me realise how much I don’t pay attention to it, which I think I should do. On reflection, maybe breakfast time when people were still half asleep wasn’t the best time to observe body language.


On Wednesday in COM502 we had did a group activity which involved discussing the differences between communication and good communication. It was a good exercise because we were able to identify ways in to spot someone who’s a good communicator and who isn’t, by narrowing the two traits into two columns.

After we found out some ways of how to spot each trait (good communicator or not) we then presented our findings to the class.

I enjoyed this activity because it taught me how to identify if someone I’m talking to is actually interested in the conversation or not.